Over 2.5 million people around the globe suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, let alone all other neurological diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. Despite all the effort spent on R&D, it’s still extremely hard to identify and predict the cause and course of these kind of disorders.

Clinical data gathered through tests and for example, MRI scans have not proved to be sufficient for researchers so far. The amount of observations is too small, the frequency too low and most of the time it’s hard to access the data.

In the ideal world, researchers would have access to a permanent stream of real-world evidence data, allowing them to analyze the status of patients in their daily life. The next step could be predictive analysis and ultimately root cause analysis.

" For our research on Multiple Sclerosis, we need far more real-world evidence data. Neurokeys can make a tremendous contribution, 24/7 and in a for patients unobtrusive way. "

— Prof. Dr. Bernard Uitdehaag, VU Medical Center University of Amsterdam

We want to provide researchers with a qualitative and quantitative outstanding database with Real World Evidence data of patients suffering from neurological diseases, starting with MS.

Our initiative will lead to a knowledge base providing creative minds with input to detect deviations in the current status of patients, analyze the causes, and come up with beneficial treatments.

Universities, research institutes and scientists around the globe are invited to access and enrich the Neurokeys Database with their own datasets, algorithms, models, suggestions, and findings.

Fatigue seems to be a good predictor looking at the status of patients suffering neurological diseases like MS. Fatigue meaning, sleepiness, decreased cognition and or problems due to muscular motility. Detecting patients' fatigue over time is a compelling starting point for further research into the cause of diseases like MS.

With our Neurokeys App we collect keystroke data allowing us to analyze typing behavior over time. This data is enriched with sensor data from your smartphone like location and Health data. Location data in combination with open datasets that include temperature, humidity or data on air pollution might provide valuable insights. All data is anonymized and stored in the Neurocast Research Database. Neurocast meets the highest privacy and security standards.

One minute is needed to install Neurokeys on your smartphone. From there on you start contributing to a massive global research database. One minute, that’s all it takes.

Over the last two years, Neurocast has engaged with a wide network of organizations that are just like us fascinated by the opportunities new technology has to offer in contributing to society.

Partners and endorsements ranging from universities like VU Medical Center Amsterdam to Stanford University, pharmaceutical and tech companies like Biogen and IBM, international patient organizations, to the Dutch Government supporting Neurocast with subsidies and their international acceleration program.

" In one word Impressive. It took me one minute to install the Neurokeys App. I use my smartphone andjust go on with my life. Meanwhile helping researchers to fight MS. "

— Thomas Sanders, Founder MoveS Foundation

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